• Simplify and Unify Franchise Operations
    Make the role of managing your franchise painless and easier
  • Consolidated Franchise Operations Management
    with Data Aggregation and Business Analytics
    Command unlimited locations/concepts anytime, anywhere in one system


Are you stuck using spreadsheets, email, and shared drives, struggling to get out from under your pile of paperwork? Wish you could be working on growing your franchise organization instead?

Franchise Command franchise operations management software was built to be your comprehensive solution for your franchise to operate at peak efficiency and profitability.

Franchise Command includes modules to manage your leases, licenses, vendors, assets, employees, maintenance, marketing, finances, inventory and much, much more.

With powerful data aggregation and business analytics tools, Franchise Command will help you stay on top of your organization no matter how diversified it is.

Much more than a CRM, Franchise Command has integrated intelligence and automation features to save franchisees time, money, and aggravation.

Easy to Use
The system is very intuitive in its design and flow which makes data analysis and acquisition very easy.
Access anywhere, anytime
Use your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone to have critical business information at your fingertips when you need it.
Have Peace of Mind
Rest assured that you know what is happening in every aspect of your business in a timely manner in one easy to use interface.
Simplify and Unify Franchise Operations
Makes management of the critical operational information for a multi-unit franchisee clear, smooth and uncomplicated.


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